Informatik 2010

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WDI-Lab at the 40th Annual GI Conference 2010


The WDI-Lab will give information about Web Data Integration Technologies to interested researchers and users at the 40th Annual GI Conference 2010 in Leipzig. You are welcome to meet the employees of the WDI-Lab at this conference from the 28th to the 30th of September. They will present current results of their research topics.


Please notice the following workshop at the Informatik 2010:

Informationsintegration in Service-Architekturen (GI-Workshop)

30.9.2010 University of Leipzig

Current progressions of effective and efficient integration of heterogeneous information from different sources are the topic of the workshop. The Workshop will be arranged in cooperation with the GI-Arbeitskreis “Web und Datenbanken”.

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9:00 – 10:30 Kick Off

  • Opening/Welcome
  • Keynote: Information integration with Warp 10, Dr. Gregor Hackenbroich (Director, SAP Research Dresden)

  • Comparing Similarity Combination Methods for Schema Matching
    Eric Peukert (SAP Research Dresden), Sabine Maßmann, Kathleen König (Uni Leipzig - WDI-Lab)

10:30 – 11 Break

11:00 – 13:00 Integration Applications and Service Architectures

  • Toward an Adaptive String Similarity Measure for Matching Product Offers
    Andreas Thor (Univ. of Maryland)

  • Ontology-based Registration of Entities for Data Integration in Large Biomedical Research Projects
    Toralf Kirsten, Alexander Kiel (Univ. Leipzig)

  • Vergleich von Tarifmodellen unterschiedlicher Versicherungsgesellschaften am Beispiel der Behandlung von Berufen
    Daniel Bärthel, Thomas Kudraß (HTWK Leipzig)

  • Servicebase Management Systems: A Three-Schema-Architecture for Service-Management
    Matthias Fischer, Marco Link, Erich Ortner, Nicole Zeise (TU Darmstadt)


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