WDI-Lab at Semantic Web Day

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WDI-Lab was present at Semantic Web Day on May 5, 2010 in Leipzig

The Leipziger Semantic Web Tag 2010 - organized by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Leipzig -  illustrated with presentations the opportunities of semantic technologies and demonstrated in practice usage scenerios for economie, science and public administration. The staff of the WDI-Lab presented their technologies at a highly frequented information desk. Speeches of Prof. Erhard Rahm, Sven Kitschke, Sabine Maßmann and Hanna Köpcke aroused the special interest of the visitors.







Prof. Erhard Rahm: Web Data Integration

Sven Kitschke: Webdatenintegration - Anwendungsfälle (in German)

Sabine Maßmann: Detecting Semantic Correspondences in Product Catalogs

Hanna Köpcke: Auffinden von Dubletten in ECommerce Datenbeständen (in German)


Handouts and posters

Workflowbased Data Integration Schema and Ontology Matching Object Matching, Handling of Duplicates Automatic Web Monitoring v
Workflowbased Data Integration (in German) Schema and Ontology Matching (in German) Object Matching, Handling of Duplicates (in German) Automatic Web Monitoring (in German) Web Data Integration (in German)
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