Web Data Integration Workshop October 28, 2010


Successful on the Web through data integration and information quality

Workshop 1

More than 30 guests attended the Web Data Integration Workshop on October 28, 2010

The topic of our workshop "Success on the Web through data integration and information quality" was met with great interest.

Thanks to all participants for active discussions, new contacts and interesting ideas about web data integration. We look forward to our next workshop in 2011!

Program (in German)

Online report about our workshop (in German)

Here your can find some impressions from the workshop:

Workshop 2
Prof. Rahm opened the workshop
Workshop 3 Workshop3a-pdf Workshop3b-pdf (in German)
Hanna Köpcke: Categorization and treatment of duplicates in product catalogs
Workshop 4 Workshop4a-pdf Workshop4b-pdf (in German)
Sabine Maßmann: Matching and integration of large product catalogs
Workshop 5 Workshop5-pdf (in German)
Emin Karayel, Omikron: Search and navigation for web stores and tourism
Workshop 6 Workshop6-pdf (in German)
Carina Röllig: Information as an important criterion for purchasing decisions
Workshop 7 Workshop7-pdf (in German)
Sven Kitschke: Use of Mashups for the enrichment of information
Workshop 8 Workshop8-pdf (in German)
Christian Wartner: Monitoring of price developments with Online Monitoring
Workshop 9
Coffee break
Workshop 10
Glass foyer
Workshop 11
Get-together with refreshments
Workshop 12
Workshop 13



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