4th Annual Meeting of GFFT in Frankfurt

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WDI-Lab was present at the 4th Annual Meeting of the GFFT in Frankfurt

On invitation of Dr. Christoph Klingenberg, CIO of Lufthansa Passage, the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Forschungstransfers e.V. (GFFT) has organized the 4th Annual Meeting on March 18, 2010 in Frankfurt with Lufthansa AG. The GFFT aims to promote a strong co-operation between universities on one side and enterprises from the industry on the other side. For that reason, the WDI-Lab as a groundbreaking research lab for Web Data Integration got the opportunity to present itself to important representatives of the industry at the annual meeting of the GFFT. Additionally, the WDI-Lab earned special attention by the presentation of Prof. Rahm. He was speaking about the usage and semantic integration of web data.

Program of the 4th Annual Meeting of the GFFT

Presentation Prof. Rahm Hanna Köpcke Sabine Maßmann
Presentation of Prof. Rahm "Usage and semantic integration of web data (in German) Hanna Köpcke (left) and Sabine Maßmann (right) at WDI stand

Handouts and posters

Workflowbased Data Integration Schema and Ontology Matching Object Matching, Handling of Duplicates Automatic Web Monitoring v
Workflowbased Data Integration (in German) Schema and Ontology Matching (in German) Object Matching, Handling of Duplicates (in German) Automatic Web Monitoring (in German) Web Data Integration (in German)


The GFFT is a network, open for everyone to join and to contribute: experts from enterprises who are interested in using the knowledge of research institutions or scientists, who need to get feedback for their research by getting in touch with the practical applications of their research results.

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