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Web Data Integration Lab

The WDI-Lab is an innovation lab at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Leipzig, directed by Prof. Erhard Rahm. The mission of the WDI-Lab is the transfer of our research results on the integration of heteregeneous web data into market-ready software solutions. The lab is funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

Many applications ask for powerful integration technologies facilitating seamless access to different web services and content. For example, there is a growing demand to build scalable portal solutions providing up-to-date price comparisons between products offered by different shops. The fast development of such applications with high data quality is a major challenge demanding new technological approaches and advanced tools.

To address these challenges we want to build - within three working groups - new approaches for workflow-based (mashup-like) data integration, schema/ontology matching, and object matching (entity resolution). The following pages provide background information on our research approaches in these areas:

  1. Workflow-based Integration Framework
  2. Schema and Ontology Matching
  3. Object Matching / Entity Resolution

Szenario webbased Dataintegration


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